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  Clock by Clock

Clock cover art

Artist: Clock
Title: Clock
Catalogue Number: Lady Music Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Italian trio Clock presents us with four tracks of rock and pop.  And despite the English band name, all are sung in their native tongue.  They are delivered energetically and adeptly enough to make you wonder if there is a burgeoning underground rock scene somewhere that may yet allow the nation to shed its more familiar Eurodisco crimes - although we have to own up to having a certain fondness for Sabrina's famously bouncy 80's hit "Boys (Summertime Love)".

The band favour the up tempo sound and set about their business with gusto from the start.  "Ti Lascio Andar Via" gets things rolling, and rocking, with some driving guitar and drums.  "Senza Un Motivo" is another solid rock number; however the closing track "L'Altra Sera" is a bit of wide of the mark.  While the more pop based sound of "Circondami Di Te" is the one that is likely to find favour amongst those who like their rock subtle rather than hard.  A fine EP that indicates a band with a future.
Review Date: November 12 2007