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  And the Adventures of Track Rabbit by PT Walkley

And the Adventures of Track Rabbit cover art

Artist: PT Walkley
Title: And the Adventures of Track Rabbit
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Although there is a real retro 60's, pure pop feel from this offering by PT Walkley, he has succeeded in adding a bit of a modern twist to it as well as.  The result is a sort of Kinks meets the Killers type of sound. And highly entertaining it is to.

"Up The Walls" that opens the album is the purest of pure up tempo pop music with a highly catch beat.  "Overwhelming" on the other hand is a more 'aggressive' sounding and harder rocking number, and the highlight of the album.  "Man About To Die" is another fine pop nugget with an infectious beat; while "Hillside" is a storming up tempo number that makes it one of the standouts of the album.  Other particularly worthy efforts are "Oh By The Way" where we are treated to a more subtle and sophisticated sound, and "Along The Way" which has more of a psychedelic feel to it.

This is catchy, up tempo pop for the summer - one to play while driving to the beach with the top down. So buy the holiday, buy the car and then buy the CD to go with them!
Review Date: June 20 2007