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  Ripple by Nick Edelstein

Ripple cover art

Artist: Nick Edelstein
Title: Ripple
Catalogue Number: Ness Records 7-33950
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Nick gives us a bit of a sophisticated take on rock, while at the same time managing to leave a certain rawness still intact thereby giving the whole sound a greater depth of feeling that you generally expect from this approach.

The track of the album is "Kentucky Sun", this is a great piece of mid tempo guitar rock with just a hint of country, and a wonderfully catchy beat.  "Tripping" has a bit of a heavier, 'Hendrix-esque' rock feel that will appeal to those of you who like you guitar solos to be searing and effects laden.  On the other hand "Sign From Above" is a slower, almost gentle, piece of rock.  Part power ballad and part stadium rock, "A.J.E." is Nick's attempt at a more extravagant rock sound, and he manages to pull it of with a mixture of soaring instrumentation coupled to a plaintive saxophone and piano backing.

Although there are a couple of tracks that don't quite come off, the album hangs together well thanks to the stylish yet unpretentious sound that has been created.  Incidentally, according to the liner notes the album was recorded without the use pitch correction software.  A refreshing approach in today's 'gadget-for-everything' world; and Nick certainly deserves credit for taking this approach and letting his music do the talking.  Brave or foolhardy?  We recommend you listen and decide for yourself.

For more information on Nick Edelstein, and to listen to some songs, visit his <a href="">Sonicbids EPK</a>.
Review Date: June 20 2007