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  Social Dancing b/w Kisses Sweeter than Tonic Wine by Symbolics

Social Dancing b/w Kisses Sweeter than Tonic Wine cover art

Artist: Symbolics
Title: Social Dancing b/w Kisses Sweeter than Tonic Wine
Catalogue Number: Lucky Number Nine Records LNN005
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

There will be a scientific explanation for why pop songs sound better on vinyl than on those invisible mp3 download abominations. It could be (and most likely is) the drink but having something tangible in your hand seems to increase a person's enjoyment of the music. By coincidence, Bluesbunny happens to have one of those vinyl single things in his sweaty hand by Glasgow band, the Symbolics.

"Social Dancing" kicks thing off in simple and straightforward way. Adam Hodes' vocals have a dry, natural feel like it was all recorded in a garage somewhere. Funnily enough, with your eyes closed, the song sounds like it belongs to a different time( like when punk crossed over into the land of pop blessed as it is with hints of XTC and early Police) with its "… you asking, I'm dancing" chant.

Keeping it company on the single is the delightfully named "Kisses Sweeter than Tonic Wine". An ode to the drink of choice for the Scottish ned/football supporter/retired ladies needing a "pick me up" (Buckfast in case you are unfamiliar with this God approved beverage) cunningly disguised as a love song, this is destined to be a cult hit. If it manages to get some exposure, it will undoubtedly find itself on thousands of stolen iPods in the Lanarkshire area just in time for Valentines Day.

These two songs make an enjoyable partnership on this limited release from Lucky Number Nine Records. Being smart people, this is a double A sided release and you will probably have figured out what our favourite track was by now.
Review Date: February 8 2008