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  Postcards by The Garden Party

Postcards cover art

Artist: The Garden Party
Title: Postcards
Catalogue Number: Funhouse Records FUN 001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

As the years pass, even the incredibly immature Bluesbunny has to admit that sometimes it is all a bit too loud. Turn it down, young man, as I'm trying to read the paper. The youth of today. They just have no respect for the elders. Getting old and wise really isn't much compensation for losing the ability to party all through the night. Even worse than that, you are going to need a new soundtrack to accompany your orbital decay. Guess what? Bluesbunny might well have found exactly what you are looking for.

You are going to need some sentimentality and you are going to need tunes that hark back to the days of your youth. With this album, The Garden Party have delivered just that. "My Perfect Day" opens the album and sets the tone for the proceedings. It is a warm and smooth. "Postcards from Jenny" seems a touch awkward in comparison but that might just have been the plastic drums giving it a working men's club on a Friday night feel. That whole Deacon Blue/ Blue Nile feel pervades a good few of the tracks as well like "Those Days are Gone" and "Don't Look Back". Come to think of it, perhaps this album could have medical benefits when used to treat a mid-life crisis. All those years lived - for these good gentlemen are clearly not spotty youths - do bring some benefits when it comes to the lyrics with "Now I Know" being particularly convincing. There is still life in the old dog too as a sterling attempt is made to rock out with "The Rain"  with only the recycled plastic drums holding this band back. Rounding off the album is perhaps the best track. "If Tomorrow Comes" is an effective bit of stadium rock of all things. Overcome by this song, Bluesbunny stood up and started waving his lighter in the air. There should be warnings about side effects on bottles of Tequila. There really should.

There is a lot to admire about this album. The songs are good and the vocals are spot on. A good natured feel pervades the proceedings as well making it an easy album to like and, indeed, the music might help mitigate the grumpiness that comes with receding hairlines. Therefore, if you are over a certain age, you can probably add another carrot to the rating.
Review Date: March 2 2008