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  Surveying the Young Professionals EP by The Elvis Suicide

Surveying the Young Professionals EP cover art

Artist: The Elvis Suicide
Title: Surveying the Young Professionals EP
Catalogue Number: Cowboys in Pain
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

That's what we need. A bit of anger. A bit of spirit. And a lot of determination. None of this posturing and sleeping with minor celebrities to get attention. Just play your music loud and take no prisoners and it will all work out fine. That's what the Elvis Suicide do.

It is often said that people's attention span is shorter these days and "Surveying the Young Professionals" accordingly wraps it up in under 2 minutes. Funnily enough, Bluesbunny was reviewing a compilation of Scottish punk music from 1977-81 and this track would have fitted right into it. Scottish punk was not really about politics (not a lot of punk music was anyway) but more about getting together with some of your mates and making a lot of noise and getting drunk. Good time music really. The Elvis Suicide sound fresh and like they might actually be enjoying themselves. "If I Don't Run" is a bit smoother and poppier but no less enjoyable for all that. Continuing on the commercial route is "Ray Milland" with its quality chant along chorus that should drive you all the way along the street to the record shop (or download site as the case might be). Then they take an about turn and hit the country bandwagon with "I'm Gone". Sounding like rednecks they sing the kind of song that should be booming out of a pickup truck. Not a proper pickup truck with a gun rack though but one of those Japanese tin foil toys that plumbers seem to drive round the streets of Glasgow these days.

Crank it to the max and think of the great balancing act that is taking place. All the power that you are drawing out of the mains to annoy the neighbours is getting replaced every time the Elvis Suicides play a song making this an energetic yet environmentally friendly release. Yes, you can even get it on vinyl!
Review Date: March 3 2008