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  Broken Mantra by Tim Holehouse

Broken Mantra cover art

Artist: Tim Holehouse
Title: Broken Mantra
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Another split single of strangeness (shared this time between Tim Holehouse and Colin Langenus) but we listen to it all at Bluesbunny Towers.

Let's take a listen to "Broken Mantra" by Edinburgh's Tim Holehouse. It is certainly a bit out of the ordinary but near enough falls into the pysch-folk genre although Bluesbunny thought that the more drug induced output from the Doors was closer. It would be the sort of song that would have fitted right into the soundtrack from Apocalypse Now. Remembering your loved ones as you massacre women and children sort of thing. Starting of with some subtle acoustic guitar, it shapes up as some sort of love song then it all goes a bit weird and changes direction. There is indeed a chant (or mantra as posh folks would call it) and some suitably atmospheric drums to drive the song to its conclusion. As for what it is actually about then we cannot really enlighten you on that. Perhaps three bottles of Duvel was not enough…
Review Date: March 23 2008