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  Little My’s Sixth by Little My

Little My’s Sixth cover art

Artist: Little My
Title: Little My’s Sixth
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop !013
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Diversity is a wonderful thing and nowhere is it more welcome than in the world of music. Wee Pop Record have certainly got into the habit of releasing all sorts of fuzzy oddball music to entice our ears away from the steroid enhanced, big production type music that assaults our ears every day.

This time they have travelled to Wales and returned with 4 tracks from Cardiff based band Little My. Now this is an oddball outfit without a doubt as they seem to have an obsession with cartoon robot bears exterminating innocent bunny rabbits. Maybe this EP is a form of therapy? Certainly all seems reasonably normal with the opening track "All But The Beeps Meep". In fact, it's quite a jaunty little tune with a soothingly gentle pedal steel keeping those cardigan wearing vocals company. Don't know what a "beeps meep" might actually be but it must be a reference to something sordid.

"Ruining Things Like Everything" is just the kind of song that would expect Wee Pop to release. Navel gazing and twee certainly, it nonetheless exudes happiness and charm even if you get the feeling that said happiness has a chemical origin. Signs of a darker undercurrent also become evident on "Kicking People on the Pavement" with those lightweight vocals floating perilously atop the tantrum prone instrumental backing. Acappella anyone? "Excuse Me, It's Springtime" has that very flavour in stock but before you can get your teeth into it, it vanishes.

Wee Pop releases are a very tactile pleasure. With any other record company, every single would feel the same if you were blindfold. Not so with a Wee Pop release and this one in particular. There is a felt cut-out stuck to the card cover! We kid you not - you can find this in your collection by touch alone! It is difficult to say which is better - the music or the sleeve so Bluesbunny therefore recommends that you purchase your copy at your earliest convenience. Available from the Wee Pop Records website.
Review Date: March 30 2008