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  Hurt? by Mutant Ape

Hurt? cover art

Artist: Mutant Ape
Title: Hurt?
Catalogue Number: Turgid Animal TA197
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Words fail the Bluesbunny for once. Whilst our tastes in music are wide ranging, there is still stuff - I cannot in all honesty call this single music - that just does not cut it. Consisting of noise, Bluesbunny actually yanked the stylus from the groove 30 seconds in thinking it was a faulty pressing. Unfortunately it was not.

Could not even figure out what the song was called from the sleeve or indeed from their website and don't really care anyway. Congratulations Mutant Ape, finally Bluesbunny has to award its lowest rating to something that is not associated with rap music.

Available on a split seven inch release with Seppuku (they were much better thankfully)
Review Date: April 4 2008