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  Road to Bliss by Cathy Richardson

Road to Bliss cover art

Artist: Cathy Richardson
Title: Road to Bliss
Catalogue Number: Ca$h Rich Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

With virtually all songs written or co-written by Cathy herself this is a fine example of someone prepared to back her own ideas, and although it doesn't always quite hit the mark, nevertheless you won't be disappointed as there are a few genuine gems here.  The 24-carat centerpiece is "I've Changed", with its heartfelt angst-driven vocals; mixture of acoustic, electric & slide guitar work and a powerful driving beat.

On the up-tempo side other standout tracks are "Picture This" (no, not a Blondie cover), "This Town" and "Over Your Shoulder".  On a bit more of a subdued note "Alyson" is another standout song which gets better with each listen and "I Can't Forgive You", which has a strange Christmassy feel to it along the lines of Kirsty McCall and the Pogues' "Fairy Tale of New York"!  If all that wasn't enough this is also one the most innovatively packaged CD's you're likely to come across with its concept themed 'gatefold sleeve' (Grammy nominated in this category no less).

Cathy also takes the production credits, and given the power and passion of the vocal performances throughout there seems to be more than just a hint of an autobiographical slant to some of these songs.  Well worth checking out - buy from <a href=""></a> and support independent music.
Review Date: June 21 2007