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  Sweet Little Pussycat b/w Pig Snoots by Andre Williams

Sweet Little Pussycat b/w Pig Snoots cover art

Artist: Andre Williams
Title: Sweet Little Pussycat b/w Pig Snoots
Catalogue Number: Vampisoul 45034
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1966

How would you describe the music of Andre Williams? Maybe Sid James after a few years on the road with a soul band? Maybe. He is a soul legend in any case with his vaguely sleazy lyrics served well by his gin soaked voice.

"Sweet Little Pussycat" falls - and so does "Pig Snoots" for that matter - into the Northern Soul category. It has that solid beat to keep your feet moving, the horns provide the counterpoint and there is a lovely "miaow" thing going on in there from the female backing singesr. The best part is, of course, Andre Williams and his oh-so-sleazy delivery of "… come here little pussycat". The song would have been an average foot stomper if not for that glorious interjection.

Pig snoots are some sort of soul food delicacy apparently (it isn't too difficult to work out what part of the pig gets cooked) but this song is an entertaining tacky tune that fits right into the times-they-are-a-changing years of the late sixties when music of this type was being overrun by brightly coloured acid trips put to vinyl. As was customary of soul releases then, Parts 1&2 meant a vocal side and then an instrumental side.

Perhaps not up to his best work such as "Jailbait" or "Greasy Chicken" but it will do the business on many a dance floor even to this day. Andre Williams is still alive and kicking as well so there is plenty more of his music to come.
Review Date: April 12 2008