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  Not All Black and White by Melissa Rose Ziemer

Not All Black and White cover art

Artist: Melissa Rose Ziemer
Title: Not All Black and White
Catalogue Number: Fungo Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

BluesBunny has been a fan of Melissa Ziemer for some years. Her particular take on the female singer-songwriter thing has always been appealing. This CD was released to support a UK tour in 2003.

This is the kind of the music that is generally classed as heartfelt. Melissa knows a good tune can hide a political message as in "Safe Tonight". Even when singing of matters of the heart, she keeps the sugar content low and the charm content high. Try "All I Want is You" or "Laughter in the Rain" for size. Equally at home with fast or slow tempo, nothing on this CD disappoints. The running time is short at less than 23 minutes but there is no shortage in quality.

She sings from the heart and that is rare enough these days. If the USA wants to have a national treasure, then it should be Melissa Ziemer. The world would then be a better place. BluesBunny wants more!
Review Date: June 21 2007