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  There's a World by Ally Kerr

There's a World cover art

Artist: Ally Kerr
Title: There's a World
Catalogue Number: Much Obliged MOR003
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

It was about time that Bluesbunny heard from Glasgow's own Ally Kerr. Well, we recently got a new album and the subject of this review - "There's a World" - has been released as a single.

The Ally Kerr sound is all present and correct. Harmonious vocals. A tasteful musical arrangement. The song itself? Wistful is probably the best word to use for it as our Ally manages to express the imprisonment of the soul that day to day urban existence brings as he intones "… there's a world I gotta make it to". Short, sweet and to the point. You can just see him looking out the window of some office building in Glasgow.

"There's A World" is a nice, easy going song but it is perhaps too nice lacking the sharp, almost cynical, observations of "Could Have Been a Contender". It should suit his fans down to a tee however. Available as a download from iTunes and other download sites.
Review Date: April 27 2008