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  Turn It Down b/w Happiest Man by The Draytones

Turn It Down b/w Happiest Man cover art

Artist: The Draytones
Title: Turn It Down b/w Happiest Man
Catalogue Number: 1965 Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

There must be something about that late sixties mod period sound as it just won't go away. When the lid was lifted on the Vinyl Vault this week, guess what came pouring out? Yes, London band, The Draytones and their late sixties mod period sound. Nothing wrong with that of course and Bluesbunny would not be surprised to learn that there are probably plenty of Yardbirds cover bands out there already.

As "Turn It Down" spun up to 45rpm, it became clear that this single is a sort of scientific proof that time travel is possible. Even the guitars sound authentic to the time period. Lead singer Gabriel Boccazzi might even possess the odd LP featuring the voice of a chap called Keith Relf - and there was something about that harmonica sound as well… Even the echoey bits sound that slightly murky way that music of that time period would. Homage rather than pastiche it would seem but it works and sounds just great on vinyl.

On the other side is "Happiest Man" and this is a conventional little pop song if still in time travelling mode and rather more American to boot. Jaunty, that's the word we're  looking for. As for the looking back to days before they were even born? Well, everybody else seems to do it these days so why not.
Review Date: May 3 2008