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  Wound Up b/w She’s Not Stupid, Pigeon by Le Reno Amps

Wound Up b/w She’s Not Stupid, Pigeon cover art

Artist: Le Reno Amps
Title: Wound Up b/w She’s Not Stupid, Pigeon
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM01V
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

There is this whole ritual thing about vinyl that you don't get with those mp3 things. Removing the single from its sleeve whilst being careful not to put your kebab stained fingers on the grooves then placing it carefully on the turntable. Switching the turntable on, waiting for it to reach 45rpm and then using your own special technique to get the dust off with your carbon fibre brush. Finally, as the stylus descends, rushing back to your armchair with the sleeve in your hands so that you are ready for the music to begin.

With "Wound Up" - it's on white vinyl, too! - crashing out of the speakers in an untidy yet oh so lively fashion, an overwhelming urge to stomp about the room and sing along to the chorus overcame this Bluesbunny. The band are in tune but you don't have to be to join in the fun. Just let rip as you have the big guitars to keep you pointed in the right direction. If the strong drink has given you the taste something a bit more countrified then there is the delights of "She's Not Stupid" on the flipside. A good bit smarter than your average country classic but still with that all important redneck appeal. Somewhat more sensitive is "Pigeon". It almost falls into worthy singer songwriter territory but there is just too much sass for that.

Time for a rant. Mp3s are the invention of heretics and, anyway, why would anyone want to carry their entire musical collection with them on some electronic device barely bigger than their IQ. If some clever scientist invented a fridge that size would you carry your beer collection around with you? No, because you can't compress beer. It would be disrespectful to the brewer. So do the right thing and buy vinyl and you might as well start with this one.
Review Date: May 18 2008