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  Let's Make T-Shirts by State Broadcasters

Let's Make T-Shirts cover art

Artist: State Broadcasters
Title: Let's Make T-Shirts
Catalogue Number: Electric Honey
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

The joys of getting older. Wistful reminiscences of days gone by and loves lost and found. It's all here in "Let's Make T-Shirts" by The State Broadcasters.

Sometimes you wonder whatever happened to Prefab Sprout (you don't?) and their polished brand of lovable popular music. Well, perhaps the ghost of the aforementioned band lives on in The State Broadcasters. Displaying a sense of the absurd in lyrics like "I really liked your bum bag" that would have seemed right at home on the soundtrack of the film "Gregory's Girl", Graeme Black's relaxed vocals entice his first love to the joys of close physical contact through the process of making a custom t-shirt. Probably the best use of allegory that Bluesbunny has encountered this year.

Maybe it is the clean, clear Glasgow air that gets our local musicians to go all offbeat on us even in their more heartfelt moments. There will probably be a scientific explanation for it all sometime but for now listen in wonder as sentimentality is delivered to our ears without a trace of sugar (or saccharine or any other sugar substitute). Heart warming stuff. I think I need a hug.
Review Date: May 21 2008