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  The Late Fees by The Late Fees

The Late Fees cover art

Artist: The Late Fees
Title: The Late Fees
Catalogue Number: Madhouse Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Let's see what we have here. Loud. Check. Harmonies. Check. Humour. Check. This must be an album from Texas based band The Late Fees. Yes, it is!

Harmonies, we like harmonies here at Bluesbunny Towers. So when the opening bars of "Sorry I Said I Love You" eased their way out of the speakers, we though we had gone to doo wop heaven. Then the guitars, drums and a big bit of crudity kicked in and we knew we were about to make some new friends. Now, we don't know if you have ever gone out with a rather possessive lady but the Bluesbunny has made that mistake a few times. However, we did not know that the jealous, borderline psychotic, women actually had a theme tune but it is here in "Killed a Girl". This band just doesn't run on unleaded gasoline. Songs like "Arcade" and "Ping Pong Balls" will need something with the octane rating of aviation fuel. Best song was one that only a guy could relate to - "Elvis on Sun" - as only a guy would have a record collection that is sacrosanct. Drowning your girlfriend for trying to sell your Jerry Lee Lewis singles is something that we can all relate to.

Besides the quality vocals, smut, innuendo and the suitably angry sound, there is a lot of humour on show on this album. It's like a big demented B movie with a soundtrack by the Ramones playing at the drive in in your head and is just the thing to mix up with a few cold beers after a long hard day at the office. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: May 26 2008