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  A Thousand Lives EP by Adriana

A Thousand Lives EP cover art

Artist: Adriana
Title: A Thousand Lives EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2005

Glasgow songstress Adriana has already made her mark on music in Britain, but, amazingly, Bluesbunny is yet to remark on her utter brilliance on record. So here we are. 2005 saw Adriana record her "A Thousand Lives" EP. Better late than never!

The title track, in all its broodiness, begins the album. Adriana's voice powers over the hostile guitars and offers real depth to the track. Following on, "Aisha" is a wonderful song that builds to dramatic effect, and again highlights the beauty of Adriana's effortless vocals.

"The Hardest Thing to Do" is lesser clad, being only Adriana and her guitar. This adds that personal touch, and shows that no band is the making of her. Suddenly, "Fallen" takes you to the forefront of the Wild West. Yes, it's Saturday night and you're on Bath Street. Emotions are running high on this song. Glancing at the front cover, you wouldn't think a girl so pretty could conjure a sound so dangerous. "Go" seems an appropriate title for a closing song. It's the title of Adriana's closing song, and it's good by me!

With such a voice, and ability to weave songs, fame can't be far away for this D-I-Y chick. An album is due later this year on her own Adesso Records. Don't say I didn't tell you so.
Review Date: May 28 2008