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  The Grayest by Everything Ends

The Grayest cover art

Artist: Everything Ends
Title: The Grayest
Catalogue Number: Silent Home SHR01
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

One of the dangers of reviewing lesser known bands is the speed at which they disappear. You get a single from them. You take a listen. You want to hear more but find out that the band have broken up and gone their separate ways. Such was the case with Everything Ends

"The Grayest" was quite a likeable song right from the start. A pretty conventional rock song but delivered with a degree of panache and style. Ian Titus's rather nasal vocals seem very appropriate in the circumstance giving an air of desperation and anguish that distinguishes this band from its contemporaries. Kind of a shame that they split up as there was plenty of potential on show.

Released as a split 7" single with Phantasm on Silent Home Recordings.
Review Date: June 6 2008