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  Louise Against the Elements by Louise Against the Elements

Louise Against the Elements cover art

Artist: Louise Against the Elements
Title: Louise Against the Elements
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Bluesbunny likes to see bands making an effort to get their songs out in front of an audience. In our furry paws today we have a new six track EP from Scottish five piece band Louise Against the Elements. Featuring six tracks well known from their live set (and in fact recorded pretty much live), it was not too difficult to see the potential of this band.

Kicking off with "On a Saturday Night" gets the party started. Just the thing for the soundtrack to accompany that few beers after work on a Friday night. The version of "Sinful" here sounds much harder than the Captain Howdie original. Louise sounds more than a touch laconic in her delivery and there is even a guitar solo to aid its transfer into the rock arena. "Hard as a Hurricane" makes a somewhat worrying prog rock entrance before following Stephen Merrick's guitar into a melodramatic sonic thunderstorm  with only the chant of "Jesus He loves you but He loves me the most" to keep it company. Fortunately the lightweight but infernally catchy "Baby Blue" returns us to dance floor just in time for last orders at the bar.

At this point in the review, this reviewer felt that he should make some crass concluding pun like "wish my baby blue was always as sinful as she was on Saturday night" but we don't do that kind of thing at Bluesbunny Towers (although it does sound like a good competition idea…). In fact the conclusion reached is that Louise Against the Elements are one of the few bands that Bluesbunny has heard that have managed that rare trick of sounding familiar without actually sounding like somebody else. Worth your money in other words.

The EP is available from the band and they can be contacted via their MySpace page.
Review Date: June 12 2008