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  Soul Connection by Paul K

Soul Connection cover art

Artist: Paul K
Title: Soul Connection
Catalogue Number: Basilica Music BASMUS004
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

It's a multimedia world that we live in. You have to have a concept in mind for your album and a book to accompany it, perhaps, and there is apparently a forthcoming book to accompany the ambient soundscapes that make up this album by Paul K.

There are twelve tracks on this album and they all neatly run into each other with the same musical themes reoccurring throughout. All the tracks are effectively instrumentals as well even though there are some sampled vocals appearing from time to time. A quick inspection of the sleeve notes determined that the concept was "to chart the journey of life from birth to death". There's a nice post hippie sentiment if there ever was one. By the time "Parental Supervision" strolled out of the speakers, a thought crossed the Bluesbunny's mind - where's the emotion? Whatever way you want to look at it, the journey through life would seem to have been a rather unexciting one for Paul K.

It would appear that the album title refers to something spiritual. The album is immaculately produced and, perhaps because of this and the lack of fire in its belly, it actually leaves you feeling somewhat disconnected from the music. You can spend ages listening to and identifying all the samples that have been subtly inserted into the soundscape but the end result seems to have been made as deliberately inoffensive as possible. Maybe your New Age types will get a kick out of it however.
Review Date: June 15 2008