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  Chances by Kelleigh McKenzie

Chances cover art

Artist: Kelleigh McKenzie
Title: Chances
Catalogue Number: Zatchubilly Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

For anyone who says folk music is one-dimensional, I challenge you to listen to Kelleigh McKenzie's excellent CD, "Chances". You will be eating humble pie for the rest of your days. This incredibly dark collection of banjo-infested Americana combines classic bluegrass sounds with the alternative rock stylings of PJ Harvey to great effect.

On this, her debut album, Kelleigh draws on her own experiences in her 44 years of life to deliver an album that is, quite simply, beautiful. It is important to remember that beauty is not merely symbolized by flowers and sunshine.

Opening track "O Mother" is straight from Guthrie Park. So we begin nicely enough - a nicely arranged bluegrass song. This is just the start. McKenzie has a wonderful ability in that she can go from sounding sweet and innocent to sounding like death's little sister in an instant.  "Underground" is probably the saddest song you'll ever hear. Kelleigh's mournful voice comes out here, and, like it or not, you will listen to her words.

A wonderful version of "Eleanor Rigby" follows later. A more fitting cover song could not be found for this album. Incredible. The album ends on a rather humourous note - a tongue-in-cheek tribute to her dog.

This album could very well have turned out to be a dozen dreary dirges but it's far from that. The banjo is a wonderful instrument, and Kelleigh gets a wonderfully dark sound out of it. It isn't heavy on instrumentation but Kelleigh and her banjo make a sound more deadly than mega-popular Coldplay could ever hope to achieve through visiting churches. Kelleigh is the real deal.

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Review Date: June 18 2008