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  The Memoirs of An Outlaw by Abigail Hopkins

The Memoirs of An Outlaw cover art

Artist: Abigail Hopkins
Title: The Memoirs of An Outlaw
Catalogue Number: Basilica BASMUS006
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Offspring of notable public figures have an illustrious history of disgracing themselves - from G.W Bush to Kiefer Sutherland to Kelly Osbourne - so it's always nice when others buck the trend and escape the shadows of their predecessors. Abigail Hopkins is the daughter of acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins but is a recognised singer in her own right. "The Memoirs Of An Outlaw" is proof of that.

Springsteen had his "Nebraska", and there's certainly that sort of feel on this album, if a little more tribal. Minimalist yet profoundly moving, there is a truly disturbing feel to the album. Perhaps Ms Hopkins actively practices voodoo?

At all times sepulchral, the album is intricate both its lyrics and the instrumentation. Hopkins's delivery is banshee-esque, and backed by the sweeping foggy folk-jazz melding of her band, it's a devastating combination.

Incorporeal forces may prevent you from skipping any track on this album. Don't even think about turning it off. This is a truly extraordinary album and perhaps the one that sees Abigail Hopkins truly establish herself as a serious musician.
Review Date: August 4 2008