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  This Town by Pete Special Trio

This Town cover art

Artist: Pete Special Trio
Title: This Town
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

Pete Special has become a favourite of Bluesbunny. In the early days of video jukeboxes, our then favourite drinking establishment often rocked to the sound of "300 pounds of Heavenly Joy" by Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows featuring Pete on guitar. Many years later, Bluesbunny encountered Pete Special in a small pub in the Lake District. The magic was still there.

This particular album was recorded with the able musical assistance of Ben Ruth on harmonica and John Maloney (of the Ghettobillies) on drums. Reputedly recorded in the kitchen, the music has that up close and personal feel. It is simple stuff but you don't need complexity when you have musical support of this calibre. Pete's gravelly voice lends itself perfectly to the material with particularly outstanding results on Jesse Winchester's "Rhumba Man" and Bill Wither's "Grandma's Hands". There is not a weak track on this album so it can be strongly recommended

It might take some effort to find this CD (try CDBaby) but it is well worth it.
Review Date: July 23 2007