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  The Push by Izzie Voodoo

The Push cover art

Artist: Izzie Voodoo
Title: The Push
Catalogue Number: Basilica BASMUS005
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

You've got to love press releases. They just don't hold back. To quote this one - "Put one girl oozing theatre in a studio with guitars, heavy fuzzy basses, computers, keyboards effects, a tonne of software, production equipment and a mic or two and what do you get? You get Izzie Voodoo". There probably wasn't any room left for a song but maybe we're being a bit harsh…

The half spoken, half chanted vocals on "Hot Wire" make for a promising start as they bring some warmth to the sequenced musical accompaniment. Talking of the music, at times it is sort of like eighties synth pop without the cheesiness whilst at other times more like a John Carpenter soundtrack with added dance floor appeal ("Y'Know Me?" is just about sparkly enough to be classed as Eurodisco) and there's an entertaining feeling of menace to some of the lyrics - "Chaos" and "Least Resistance", for example - that will get the Goths swaying gently in the half light.

As albums go, this one has its moments but it did highlight one of the problems with reviewing music like this. Electronica, on the whole, is really more appropriate for cellars and shadows than the cold light of day. There is something of an over dependence on - and this is common in this musical genre - on atmosphere rather than melody and teh album therefore struggles to keep your attention in the cold light of day. A decent example of its type then, but it will have its greatest appeal to those amongst us who wear too much mascara.
Review Date: June 29 2008