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  Passion Pop EP by Summer Cats

Passion Pop EP cover art

Artist: Summer Cats
Title: Passion Pop EP
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop POP! 017
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

It's a strange thing, music. Everybody jumps on bandwagons hoping to be part of the next big thing. Somewhere behind the hype and the marketing campaigns, bands like Summer Cats just do their thing for their audience. It's a  worldwide thing too as this band are from Melbourne, Australia yet are released on a British label called Wee Pop Records.

You won't mistake this for anything other than lo-fi but what else would you expect of a band that has influences like strong coffee, fringes, cheese, The Pastels (Stephen Pastel still runs a record shop in Glasgow where Bluesbunny purchases his vinyl fix, by the way…) and France Gall.  The funny thing is that you can imagine these songs getting rocked up and played loud. There are grungy undertones, especially to "Burnt Toast" that verge on the gothic. "Christopher Wren" is just the kind of pop song that would get sung by women who wear flat shoes when they go out at night. Angst, shyness and brightly coloured sweaters percolate through "Head to Toe" and should make this one a coffee house favourite. The title track - "Passion Pop" is quite riotously untidy for this genre and none the worse for it. Likewise "Bed Wetter" is anarchic and just can't be played loudly enough. Then, almost in a flash, you realise that the 5 songs are gone.

The attention to detail that has gone into the packaging is impressive. Maybe it is the result of an upbringing involving regular exposure to Blue Peter - a seminal British kid's television programme - but you can't help but be won over by the handmade charm of this little three inch compact disc. It is (almost!) better than the songs. A most worthy purchase. So go buy it from Wee Pop's website.
Review Date: July 8 2008