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  Compass by Gary Yerkins

Compass cover art

Artist: Gary Yerkins
Title: Compass
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

It's summer time. The sort of time when various beverages should chill in a paddling pool as you soak up those cancerous rays with or without a cigarette. If, like me, you live in Scotland, and can only try and imagine such a scenario, don't fret. You can still enjoy Gary Jerkins's new CD. The stimulating blend of blues, pop and rock will take your mind from even the most miserable of places.

Strange as it may seem, coming from me, this album needs no alcoholic companionship. Of course, it is more than welcome, but the easygoing flow that is highlighted on "Sky Blue Boulevard" and Dog Island Skies" will do enough to soothe even the most agitated soul.

The prescence of renowned Seattle soundman Pete Droge is felt on this album, with some fluent slide guitar on offer throughout the album. Indeed, his production plays its part in the album's worth. Credit is also due to the rest of Yerkin's cohorts who have helped him craft a truly enjoyable album.

Yerkins, as a respected and experienced musician on the Chicago and Baltimore circuits, will have done himself no harm by unleashing this offering on the world.

Available fom CD Baby.
Review Date: July 13 2008