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  The Whole Enchilada by Teresa James

The Whole Enchilada cover art

Artist: Teresa James
Title: The Whole Enchilada
Catalogue Number: Jesilu Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1997

Good honest music - that's what this is. Even my father likes this. 14 quality tracks is what you get for the money. No filler, no waste. Teresa James never fails to deliver the goods and this is no exception.

There is plenty of high quality musicianship on show but what strikes us most is the integration. This CD sounds like a band playing together. A refreshing change from the trend for perfectly sequenced and sterile sound that is often passed off as music nowadays.

Best tracks are a rip roaring cover of Allen Toussaint's "Shoorah, Shoorah" and the intense and reflective "Meet my Maker". Special mention for the talented Terry Wilson who wrote many of the songs and co-produced the album. Go buy it now.
Review Date: June 21 2007