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  On The Loose by Claude Diamond

On The Loose cover art

Artist: Claude Diamond
Title: On The Loose
Catalogue Number: Vettset Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

In 2004, Braselton resident Claude Diamond made his mark in the music industry with "Diamond Dust", his first studio release. 65 is usually the age at which people retire with their pension but for Claude this was just the beginning. Fast forward to 2008 and Claude is here with another offering. "On The Loose" sees Claude voice vivid stories about life's struggles while drawing on a wealth of his own experience. Nobody ever put an age restriction on brilliance and Claude is living proof of this.

"I'd Rather Have My Memories" is a rather poignant start to the album being about a man finding his memories of a relationship meaning more to him than the person nowadays. Honesty has immeasurable worth and this is as honest as you get.

Anyone can write a song about selling their soul nowadays but it takes someone who knows what they're talking about to write a song called "Second Hand Soul". You can't teach writing like this.

Claude's lyrical potency is matched only by the rustic worth of his voice. All too often nowadays we encounter those who can write a conceivable honky tonk song, but when sung, it sounds like Peter Pan doing Hank Williams. Thankfully, Claude is more Billy Joe Shaver than Peter Pan.

Claude exclaims "workin' hard ain't no crime" on the delightful "Easier 'n' Mine", another song made better by Claude's witty and straightforward lyrics. We are then lead into blues territory on "Baby's Last Word". Claude is as smooth as they come and this song is delightful.

Country music, in recent years, has become a horrible joke with such embarrassments as Bon Jovi cashing in on the financially viable side of country music. Claude Diamond is a pleasant antidote to the aforementioned. "On The Loose" is raw and real - genuine.

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Review Date: August 5 2008