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  From The Reach by Sonny Landreth

From The Reach cover art

Artist: Sonny Landreth
Title: From The Reach
Catalogue Number: Landfall Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

To be described as "probably the most underestimated musician on the planet" by Eric Clapton is an accolade of more worth than any two-bit critical praise or state acknowledgement. Clapton backs up his words by joining a handful of esteemed musicians who have lent themselves to Sonny Landreth, on his new album. A seasoned session player and journeyman of the blues persuasion, Landreth releases "From The Reach", his ninth album, on his own Landfall Records. Crammed to the brim with excellent musicianship, this album is a feast for the ears from start to finish.

The album opens on "Blue Tarp Blues", which features Mark Knopfler trading sublime licks with Landreth, and gives an impression of what's to come. "When I Still Had You" is pure classic rock, with Clapton proving that he's still got it by providing wonderful melody and colour to the track. Clapton is heard once more on "Storm of Worry", one of the slower songs on the album, but no less interesting nonetheless.

A star cast including Vince Gill, Robben Ford, and Jimmy Buffett (to name only a few) is at hand throughout the album to play with Landreth. Each brings their own distinctive sound, and makes their mark on Landreth's songs. As was the case with the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, a coming together of superb individuals has resulted in an end product that is truly special.

Play this album very loud in your car and regardless of what car you drive, you will forever be the coolest guy on the road. Just look out for small animals and children. 

Available from his website.
Review Date: August 10 2008