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  Butterface by Ghettobillies

Butterface cover art

Artist: Ghettobillies
Title: Butterface
Catalogue Number: Planet Ant PAR0006
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This is the second full length album from the Ghettobillies, who at this stage still have a pronounced acoustic influence with bluegrass and country leanings - although it has to be said they sure ain't going to be welcomed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Some of their best ever material appears on this CD.  From "Line Dancing Champion" which is so good it almost makes you want to take it up (I said almost), to one of the all time best drinking songs in "Bubblin' Gold".  The highlight however is "Risking Heaven", acoustically underpinned with adroitly written lyrics to a stunning melodic structure - sheer genius.  "Jiggle Low" is a funky fueled rock number, while "Another Song" is an understated ballad with a rich bass sound at its heart.  The other highlight is "My Girl", which despite its dark and somewhat brooding sound is a love song of sorts.  Although with lyrics such as "she wraps me up in cellophane, so the duct tape don't pull out my hairs" it's certainly a different type of love.  Tough love indeed!

Even allowing for their less than subtle lyrical inclinations, we are still mystified as to why this band has never achieved wider success.  With apologies to Kipling (Rudyard that is, not the baker); if in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is King, then all we can say is that in the music kingdom there seems to be a lack of one eared executives to provide leadership!
Review Date: June 20 2007