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  I Want To Be Evil by Giant Jr vs. Eartha Kitt

I Want To Be Evil cover art

Artist: Giant Jr vs. Eartha Kitt
Title: I Want To Be Evil
Catalogue Number: Try and Make Me Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Cover versions often set the Bluesbunny's teeth on edge. Attempting to echo other people's success will not usually put you on the path to musical salvation. In our furry paws today is a cover version of Eartha Kitt's "I Want to Be Evil" from Giant Jr vs. Eartha Kitt.

"I Want to Be Evil" gets the electro pop makeover that it never really needed. Eartha Kitt had class and her singing style adding a passionate, almost animalistic edge to the lyrics. Here, the song gets delivered to us in the style more reminiscent of a vaguely recalcitrant schoolgirl. Horses for courses, as they say, and this is the kind of fun sound that will no doubt get radio play. You do get the urge to sing along which is essential in a pop song. You also get a couple of other mixes of the song to fill out this EP, both of which are dull enough to be worthy of a home in the stereo of a Citroen C3. Fortunately, there is also a spirited bit of original instrumental material called "Iced Rats" to lift our spirits.

So there you have it - a decent cover version that deserves some commercial success but the smart money will be on what this band does next for this is but an introduction to their talent.
Review Date: August 24 2008