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  How'd a White Boy Get the Blues by Popa Chubby

How'd a White Boy Get the Blues cover art

Artist: Popa Chubby
Title: How'd a White Boy Get the Blues
Catalogue Number: Blind Pig BP5701
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2000

Although rooted firmly in the blues this CD goes well beyond that with sprinklings of rock, rap and punk thrown into the mix.  The result is a collection of songs that will be getting more than their fair share of repeat plays regardless of your preferred listening format.

This was another one found through the 'curse' of the sampler, with "Daddy Played the Guitar and Mama Was a Disco Queen" being the guilty track.  This is an attention grabbing hard edged, bluesy track with a bit of 'rap' thrown in for good measure - and still my personal favourite from the Chubby one's considerable musical output.  A 'rant' against government sponsored clean living on "It's a Sad Day in New York City When There Ain't No Room for the Blues" is another standout track.

Other highlights are "Carrying On The Torch Of The Blues" and "Time Is Killing Me", although it would be just as easy to pick any of the tracks as a highlight as this really is a superb collection of strong, well-crafted songs.

This qualifies as something of a genuine rarity: a CD that you can play from start to finish without having to skip tracks - can't recommend this highly enough.
Review Date: June 21 2007