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  The Other Side by Anya Singleton

The Other Side cover art

Artist: Anya Singleton
Title: The Other Side
Catalogue Number: Hybrid Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

The first full length album from Anya Singleton is something that this Bluesbunny has been looking forward to for some time as her last mini album "Not Easy to Forget" still finds its way on to the CD player at Bluesbunny Towers on a regular basis.

There's a mix of fast and slow songs on show here. "Don't Tell Me" and "Replaceable" fairly rattle along but it is the slow songs that entrance you. "Sandcastles" could easily have become just another power ballad in the hands of a lesser singer but Ms Singleton injects life and passion into the words. "Farewell" also makes the grade. It's a tale of regret but life and people move on. A similar theme is also developed in "Nevermore". Come to think of it, that's the theme that runs through the album. It's almost country - lyin', cheatin' men and independent, strong minded women who aren't going to take it anymore. Maybe somebody has mistreated Ms Singleton and, as Ms Singleton wrote or co-wrote the songs, it is reasonable to assume that her personal experience has some bearing on matters.

On the minus side, Rob Arthur's production is generic and thus loses some of the individuality that Ms Singleton possesses (and that was so clearly evident in her first two mini albums). Whilst the polishing process was probably deliberate, it has had the result of making her sound like a cross between Susan Tedeschi and Carly Simon. The world does not need another Susan Tedeschi. It does however need an Anya Singleton. Nevertheless, this is still an enjoyable album on musical terms and Ms Singleton has one helluva good voice. Of that there is no doubt.

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Review Date: August 27 2008