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  Precious Junk by Kitto

Precious Junk cover art

Artist: Kitto
Title: Precious Junk
Catalogue Number: Whosjack/Didgeridoo Records WJM 010
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

Kitto effortlessly mixes music across the generations: from Muddy Waters via Janis Joplin and onto Nirvana & The Foo Fighters.  The result is an intriguing collection of grungy, bluesy inspired rock songs.

At times the production (by Kitto herself) is a bit raw and rough edged, however this only adds to the intensity of the songs, as on the soaring rhythms of "Catalina Dreaming" or the darker sound of "The Whore & the Bride".  She is also capable of displaying a more subtle side as shown on "Gloves Off", with its more gentle acoustic backing, as well as on her 'tongue-in-cheek' tribute to 60's TV adventure and action shows, "Superhero".  Then there is "3 Waze", another fine tack which has a sort of intense subtlety - or should that be subtle intensity?

Kitto has created a well balanced set of strong songs which will make a fine addition to any music collection, and hopefully we can expect more of the same on her next release (due in the second half of 2006).
Review Date: June 21 2007