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  Days for the Driven by Colin Train

Days for the Driven cover art

Artist: Colin Train
Title: Days for the Driven
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Some singer-songwriters have a way of establishing a meaningful connection with people. Certain singer-songwriters have a way of sending people to sleep. Colin Train is one of the former type. Days for the Driven, though at times slow-moving, is an enjoyable effort from a young Scottish songwriter.

An intro that you may or not notice leads into "Crazy World", which turns out to be a pleasant track to begin on. "Wrong Bus to Dumfries" takes a strangely worldly turn, so the title seems misleading, but it's hard not to enjoy the track. It seems rather isolated on the album, however. The title track will draw a smile from anyone who has worked a good day's work for little pay and no recognition. Strange reckoning from a musician, but there you go. "Me & All My Pals", however true, will appeal only to those who fit in with Train's lyrics. Lyrically inept, this track gives meaning to the "skip" button. Thankfully, it is the only of its kind on this album.

On "Lost", Colin searches inside his soul and voices what he has unearthed. What results is one of the best tracks on the album. Gentle piano chords shoulder Train's vocals as he puts his cards on the table.

As I've inferred previously, some singer-songwriters have a way of establishing a bond with their audience and I'm under no illusions that Colin Train has simplified himself enough to establish a following among a perhaps largely student-orientated crowd. Days for the Driven is a decent album. It isn't going to change your life, but if you like Paolo Nutini, this album will surely please you.

Available from his website.
Review Date: October 9 2008