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  South of Graceland by Lizanne Knott

South of Graceland cover art

Artist: Lizanne Knott
Title: South of Graceland
Catalogue Number: Runaround Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Another country flavoured songstress from the USA, Lizanne Knott has been making a bit of an impact over here in the UK. A Bluesbunny just knows when it is time for a review.

Sitting somewhere between Americana and mainstream country, this album contains songs that contain subtle pleasures. There is nothing here that startles or surprises but the songs soon become old friends and that has much to do with Ms Knott's entrancing performance that gives the words life. "Jesus or Elvis" sends a message of hope in these days of empty souls while "Too Much Love" treads a similar path pointing out that "… no one's getting too much love". Unlike mainstream country however, the sentiments on display don't get dissolved in saccharine. Ms Knott's shows that same sort of understanding of subtlety that Devon Sproule shows as she turns the almost trivial "Wonderful Day" into a particularly delicate confection.

There is charm in abundance on display here. Whilst Lizanne Knott does veer into Sheryl Crow's vocal territory at times, she also has the warmth of spirit that is normally associated with Nanci Griffith. Aided by a tasteful and sympathetic production, South of Graceland is an album that many people will take to their heart.

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Review Date: October 13 2008