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  Icicle EP by Megamoog

Icicle EP cover art

Artist: Megamoog
Title: Icicle EP
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop! 022
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Another sugary sweet confection from Wee Pop Records, San Francisco based band Megamoog are yet another treasure unearthed from the twee pop goldmine.

There are three tracks on this EP and all of them are 0% aggression and 100% innocent charm. It is almost like they are (great grand) children of some Fifties girl group like the Paris Sisters. The simplest of low budget, Casio keyboard driven arrangements holds up Megan's fragile vocals on the title track "Icicle". There's little more meat on the other two tracks - "Eleanor" did have this remarkably hypnotic charm though - and I got this curiously warm feeling whilst I hummed along with these tunes. Maybe it was a touch of regression to childhood but I got a strange urge for a cuddle. Not from a lap dancer like I normally do either but from the kind of woman that wears flat shoes on a Saturday night.

This is getting a bit worrying. A hard drinking hack like me should not like this type of music. Maybe it is because of the lack of true old style rock 'n' roll debauchery these days (a side effect of all those "get more famous by the weekend despite your distinctly average abilities" reality television shows?) but the appeal of twee pop like this grow by the day. It is actually real. Even worse, it is actually real pop music as it used to be done in the halcyon days gone by.

This is a limited edition of 160 copies and, from past experience, Wee Pop will probably send you a free bit of candy with your order. Much better than a download, don't you think?
Review Date: November 6 2008