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  Oh My! by Dansettes

Oh My! cover art

Artist: Dansettes
Title: Oh My!
Catalogue Number: Hammondbeat Records HBL001EP
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Five tracks, four guys, three girls, two instrumentals, one damn fine EP - Oh My! indeed.  Evocative of swinging 60's style and sound, blended with the 'Rat Pack' cool of Sinatra, Martin and Davis, this has the great groove of the early Tamla/Motown records, just a hint of southern soul, and a sprinkling of Spector's 'wall of sound' that combine to make this fantastic fun.

The girls (Jamie Kozyra, Leah Fishman and Jennie Wasserman), who look as if they could easily have dropped straight out of an Austin Powers movie, take it in turn to provide lead vocals before swapping to provide backing harmonies to each other.  The eponymous title track (with Jamie on lead vocals) is a real up tempo gem, and this is followed by Blues Bunny's personal favourite the slower silky sound of "Money Tree" (with Jennie now picking up lead).  The last of the vocal numbers is a cover of the Baby Washington song "I've Got a Feeling" (with Leah taking her turn at the front).  All done to a luscious Hammond organ driven sound from a fine supporting band that creates a retro-cool sound for girls to provide harmonies that tingle your spine.

Although only five tracks long (and two of those are instrumental versions of the others), you'll want to play this over and over again.  Let the Dansettes get groovy on your ass baby!!!
Review Date: June 21 2007