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  Don't Take It Personally by Nicola

Don't Take It Personally cover art

Artist: Nicola
Title: Don't Take It Personally
Catalogue Number: Hot Cherry Records NHCR2847
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Initially you think you're in for just another rock album, although admittedly a rather good one, when Nicola suddenly starts to take you in entirely unexpected directions.  This is best typified by two outstanding tracks on the album: "Leavin' You Behind" and "In Your Own Backyard".  The former is an excellent Latin-rhythm tinged track that makes you want to grab the nearest flamenco dancer and give her castanets the rattling of their life; while the latter is a rock and rap fusion that actually works - a rarity in its own right it has to be said.

Of the more 'conventional' rock songs the raw and edgy "My Name Ain't Mary" that opens the album is another highlight, as is the in-your-face "(5,6,7,8) Hot Date", which has the most memorable line of the album, "your going to have to masturbate, I've got a hot date"!  However she also displays a more melodically subtle and acoustic side to her repertoire with the two closing tracks, "One Life" and "Combustible".

Although at times this is straight forward vintage-style rock, Nicola also displays a refreshing variety that make this collection of songs a cut above what you'd anticipate from the average rock performer - strongly recommended for fans of good music of any description.
Review Date: June 21 2007