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  Astronomy Is My Life, But I Love You by Breaking Laces

Astronomy Is My Life, But I Love You cover art

Artist: Breaking Laces
Title: Astronomy Is My Life, But I Love You
Catalogue Number: Sidewinder Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

The boys from Brooklyn continue to come up with the goods with this six track EP.  The sound is slightly rockier and with a more sophisticated feel than that of their previous releases; however they still remain true to their acoustically influenced quirky style, and the now familiar wistful lyrics of Willem Hartong are as good as ever.

The highlights are "Astronomy Is My Life, But I Love You", a superb rhythmically stylish song that gets better with each listen, and "What You Can't Take Away" which veers towards the rockier end of their musical spectrum.  "Holy Suburban Dividing Line" is another fine song that returns to gentler sound and, in a similar vein, is "The Errant Toss", which explains why you should be careful with snowballs!

You can't help but feel this trio should be enjoying greater prominence, however they probably only have themselves to blame that they're not, as in addition to writing the songs, the album was self produced - individuality and independence, what where they thinking!!!
Review Date: June 21 2007