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  Aztec Jewel by Murdo Mitchell

Aztec Jewel cover art


Nicely polished and confidently performed, “Aztec Jewel” seems a safe choice for airplay with nothing that Murdo Mitchell does with his song likely to offend even the ears of the musically savvy. The soundtrack to any aspirational advert.

  Hellhound Heart by Shadow Smile

Hellhound Heart cover art


Metal bands don’t generally do melodies these days but Shadow Smile do and, even with the inclusion of all the stereotypical growls and steroid fuelled guitars, their song “Hellhound Heart” sounds like it could live on an acoustic guitar if it had to.

  Sweetest Addiction by We Ghosts

Sweetest Addiction cover art


Sung in a most polite and controlled manner, “Sweetest Addictions” gives We Ghosts the opportunity to show that they have more than a bit of class. There’s not much to the lyrics but the laidback and contemplative vibe will convince many.

  The Devil’s Dance by Ben Hemming

The Devil’s Dance cover art


Ben Hemming is a class act. Of that there is no doubt and “The Devil’s Dance” provides more than enough evidence of his talent with the steady path that he steers between rock and Americana giving the song a wide appeal. Maturity has its benefits.

Review date:  April 15 2023

  Mourning Sun by Mike Brunacini

Mourning Sun cover art


Piano led and elegantly contrived, “Mourning Sun” by Mike Brunacini tickles your ears with a combination of poetic literacy and showtune sensibilities. A song that does indeed sound like it would belong in a musical.

Review date:  April 15 2023

  Slow Decay by Rose Haze

Slow Decay cover art


There is concentrated goodness to be found in “Slow Decay” with reverb aplenty, cascading guitars, sweeping synths and wistfully ethereal female vocals combining in the mist to thus make Rose Haze more than just another shoegaze favourite.

Review date:  April 14 2023

  Parasite by Cosmopolis

Parasite cover art


Some songs have shape and form and some simply go with the flow. “Parasite” by Cosmopolis certainly falls into the latter category with the combination of a spaced out vibe and bleak and misty lyrics evoking the intended uneasiness.

Review date:  April 14 2023

  Animals by SunQ

Animals cover art


Never content with driving down the centre line, SunQ veer between prime period rock and theatricality as they take their song “Animals” towards the sunset. Loads of guitars and appealing female vocals make the journey worthwhile.

Review date:  April 14 2023

  Denial by SDH

Denial cover art


Sequencing charm into a song isn’t easy yet “Denial” is an example of the right way to do it. Looped old school electro beats keep the power coming on strong while those stylishly oblique female vocals sprinkle sugar on top. Cooler than a refrigerator.

  Break Away by Cani De Portici

Break Away cover art


It must be a European thing. “Break Away” rumbles and grumbles in that curiously retro way of post rock bands like Cani De Portici do to reinforce their determination to use the pure instrumental format to break down some invisible walls. Brooding.

  Raindrop by Gorgeous

Raindrop cover art


Pleasingly jagged and oblique, Gorgeous take their lo-fi vibe and apply it liberally to “Raindrop” to thus alter it from a potential indie pop anthem into near arthouse posturing. Some songs are deliberately difficult and this is one of them.

  Hold On To Dawn by Teeniest

Hold On To Dawn cover art

Low key

Brooklyn duo Teeniest keep it low key and “Hold On To Dawn” duly makes a discrete run for the finishing line. The guitars mesh nicely with the vocals in the way things were done in more organic times and the end result pleases the ears.

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