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  Bluesbunny’s Best of What’s Yet To Come

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Everybody else seems to do it so it seemed like a good idea to pick a few winning choices for 2011. Bands on the way up, that kind of thing, and putting the Bluesbunny’s money where its mouth (or rather its pen) is.

Anyway, on to the racing form. It’s only January so one has to be buoyant and look on the bright side after all.  With a head buzzing from the hundreds of albums and a ludicrous number of largely unrewarding live gigs seen in 2010 - anybody know where to get a cheap liver transplant, by the way? – it seemed only proper to draw up some odds on those bands from hereabouts that might take part in the race for success in 2011.

Starting with the outsiders, intelligence and a musical education isn’t usually necessary for success but makes all the difference in lasting the distance so I’d better put both the Dirty Demographic and the Dirty Keys on the radar along with Chiara Berardelli. In the just might make it even if I don’t really know how category would be the incredibly weird and beige The Ex Men, the left of centre and nearly invisible power popsters Hippykiller and the one man and his reverb of Charles Randolph Rivers.

Likely each way bets include the innovative (when they learn to trust their own judgement) White Heath, the dark arthouse cabaret of Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete, the dryly amusing Randolph’s Leap and the wondrously trashy Cha Cha Heels.

Possibly sneaking up the inside rail and surely in line for the best marketing effort on a budget would be Miscued Vein with other surprise attacks possible from future rock gods A Joker’s Rage and The Seminoles.

So, on to the favourites? The joint favourites at that. On the basis of two shambolic live gigs, the first would be the Young Spooks. This Edinburgh band are a sonic assault with attitude and are already attracting interest from the ears who know and have proved the perfect counterpoint to Saturday night fifteen minute famesters.  If there is a God etc etc

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Almost the reverse of The Young Spooks is the second, Glasgow’s own electro pop robo doll Ashley Collins. Willing to ignore both the ignominy of supporting X Factor has-beens on their farewell visits to this no mean city (and no small amount of Bluesbunny sarcasm), she has proved that she is dedicated to success. Her self released debut album “Adulation” contained some very smart (and humorous when you listen closely) songs that were calculated to appeal to the masses. That kind of talent might not be art but it is money and money is the best friend a girl (or boy) can have.

Having named names and given odds, I have no doubt cursed the above bands to failure. Oops!

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