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  Bluesbunny Album of the Year 2008


It's that special time of the year i.e. the end of the year when everybody goes even more list mad than normal. Always the ones to follow fashion (well, sort of…), the occupants of Bluesbunny Towers decided to do some lists of our own and we thought we would start off with the obvious one. Obvious to us anyway so here is the list of our album of the months from the year 2008 with our choice for Album of the Year right at the end. If you don't have the patience, you can scroll down now.

January 2008 - The Raveonettes

The album? Lust Lust Lust. Our summary? Style and volume - that's the way to do it! Read the full review.

February 2008 - The Agrarians

The album? The Infidelity Narratives. Our summary? A work of magic and/or madness. Read the full review.

March 2008 - Aidan John Moffat

The album? I Can Hear Your Heart. Our summary? A direct hit on your emotions. Read the full review.

April 2008 - Devil Doll

The album? The Return of Eve. Our summary? I'll burn in hell if she's there. Read the full review.

May 2008 - Kat

The album? Oh The Humanity. Our summary? Polished to perfection. Read the full review.

June 2008 - Glissando

The album? With Our Arms Wide Open. Our summary? Intense and metaphyical. Read the full review.

July 2008 - Kelleigh McKenzie

The album? Chances. Our summary? Truly inspired by tradition. Read the full review.

August 2008 - Abigail Hopkins

The album? The Memoirs of an Outlaw. Our summary? Unique and ethereal. Read the full review.

September 2008 - The Zonules of Zinn

The album? The Zonules of Zinn. Our summary? The history of pop in one package. Read the full review.

October 2008 - Sofia Talvik

The album? Jonestown. Our summary? Poetic and touching. Read the full review.

November 2008 - Brigid Kaelin

The album? West 28th Street. Our summary? Warm and darkly humourous. Read the full review.

December 2008 - Rev Simpkins & The Phantom Notes

The album? Rabble & Crow. Our summary? English eccentricity done well. Read the full review.

And the Album of the Year…

brigid kaelin cd cover

After much deliberation and serious drinking, we chose Brigid Kaelin's "West 28th Street". An album that simply charmed us with its mix of top quality musicianship and sentimental songwriting, it seemed like the logical decision.

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