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  Top Ten Live Gigs of 2008 (International Acts)

God, we put it about a bit in 2008. I mean, we covered a lot of live music. So much so that we had to split things into two lists - one for local acts and another for international acts. We even managed to agree the order for a change as well. That means the winner is at the top.

International Acts

1. Amanda Palmer (King Tuts, Glasgow - October)

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Can't say we were even great fans of Dresden Doll Amanda before this gig but if you wanted showmanship then that is what there was in abundance at this gig. Even a broken foot did not stop Amanda from turning a friendly audience into an adoring audience. A tour de force!

2. Jason Webley (King Tuts, Glasgow - October)

The only support act to get on this year's list was Jason Webley. Support Act? The term does not do him justice. A manic performer, he convinced a Glasgow audience to spin round in circles until they fell over. And he sang Russian drinking songs too! Absolutely outstanding!

3. The Jam Messengers (Halt 2, Glasgow - September)

In the cosy confines of the Halt 2 bar somebody let off a grenade. That grenade was The Jam Messengers. Uncle Butcher was getting his musical instructions directly from the Devil and Rob K - resplendent in his best ruffle shirt - did everything he could think of to entertain. A top class raconteur as well without a doubt even if you would not actually let him in your house.

4. Black Lips (Barrowlands, Glasgow - May)

There are times when nothing these than maximum musical energy will suffice and there is no better place for such carnage than the Barrowlands. The reviewer left with a big smile and with injuries that required medical attention. Class!

5. Nell Bryden (Recital Rooms, Glasgow - November)

Talking of class and Nell Bryden comes straight to mind. Certainly her performance charmed our youngest Bluesbunny to such an extent that he seriously considered asking for her hand in marriage.

6. Ghettobillies (Memorial Hall, Hurst Green - November)

Long time favourites of the Bluesbunny, The Ghettobillies played their last ever UK gig this year. Superb performers as usual, they ended the evening stripped down to their underpants. Proved they had nothing to hide…

7. Brigid Kaelin (Liquid Ship, Glasgow - October)

Kentucky's finest's visit to Glasgow nearly ended in disaster when the original promoter went bye byes. Fortunately, the Free Candy Sessions gave her a place to play and she rewarded them with a short but memorable set including a momentous musical saw moment. Unforgettable!

8. Amy LaVere (King Tuts, Glasgow - December)

Wondrous level of musicianship (especially from drummer Paul Taylor), top class songs and great charisma from Ms LaVere sold this one to us. That and the casual way she passed round the bottle of Jack Daniels amongst the band. Our kind of woman.

9. Jointpop (Liquid Ship, Glasgow - July)

Visiting from Trinidad and Tobago were Jointpop. The tiny basement of the Liquid Ship seemed barely big enough to contain their classic rock sound as they truly rattled the rafters. I'm still playing that air guitar now.

10. Dawn Kinnard (King Tuts, Glasgow - May)

Sigh! Dawn Kinnard. Sigh! Managing to make King Tuts seem intimate is quite a trick but she did it. Managing to get hardened reviewers to actually buy her CD before leaving is an even greater trick. She did that too. Nuff said!

Author: Bluesbunny Editor