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  Bluesbunny Top Twenty Tracks of 2006

45rpm single

One of the great joys of being a reviewer is that you get to stand in judgement. The feeling of power is intoxicating. Almost as intoxicating as the Duvel we consume when we write our prose. Anyway, everybody likes a list so we thought that a list of the twenty tracks that impressed us most during 2006 would be appropriate. Sort of like a singles chart without the singles.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for:


Nicola CD cover

Nicola - "My Name Ain't Mary" (from the Don't Take it personally album). Raw and edgy rock, a wonderfully strong voice and a powerhouse delivery just make this stand out from the crowd.



Rev Bob CD cover

Rev. Bob & the Darkness - "Rosalie" (from the Endsville album). Killer track from a killer album. Deserves to be released on vinyl - it's that good.



Lil Ed CD cover

Li'l Ed and the Blues Imperials - "Icicles in My Meatloaf" (from the Rattleshake album). Slide guitar driven blues at its best - one to played very loudly so your neighbours can enjoy it as well!



porch Song anthology CD cover

Porch Song Anthology - "I Belong to Jesus" (from the Spell of the Trembling Earth album). Pure class in a glass. The best track from a haunting and intriguing album.



Kristen Cothron CD cover

Kristen Cothron - "Love Letters From a Fool" (from the Love Letters From a Fool album). Wonderfully deep sultry vocals give this an almost film noir-ish feel.



Blank CD cover

Big Baby Ernie - "John Lennon Lives in my piano" (from a 2006 promo EP). A future pop classic. No doubt about it.



Kleveland CD cover

Kleveland - "King of the Drama Queens" (from the Kleveland album). Cutting and witty lyrics from a hard rocking band with a 'take no prisoners' approach.



Boo Boo Davis CD cover

Boo Boo Davis - "Got to Make it Right Now" (from the Drew, Mississippi album). Mixes the past with the present to spellbinding effect.



Laura Younger CD cover

Laura Younger - "Note to Self" (from the Note to Self album). Haunting, melodic and atmospheric - what more do you want?



Scuffers CD cover

The Scuffers - "Dear Stranger" (from the Carlton Sessions Ep). Charming Americana mixed up with urban lore from a nice, clean living, Scottish band.



Nicola CD cover

Nicola - "Leaving You Behind" (from the Don't Take it personally album). Latin-rhythms meet New York rock to produce a killer track.



Colette McKendrick CD cover

Colette Mckendrick - "Stylish Funerals" (from the Etheria album). Drama and social comment all in one song. Can't get better than that.



Jen Kearney CD cover

Jen Kearney & the Lost Onions - "Can I Get an Amen?" (from the Eat album). Subdued and gospel inspired song with a hint of soulful Latin rhythm.



Dropkick CD cover

Dropkick - "Question" (from the Obvious album). Jaunty pop melodies and a catchy hook make this simply irresistible.



Kalvin Koolidge CD cover

Kalvin Koolidge - "Thirsty" (from the Kill the precedent album). New wave meets church inspired soul!



Signe CD cover

Signe - "Your Way" - (from the Signe Ep). Catchy and commercial. We kept humming this one for a quite embarrassing amount of time.



Zaba Grace CD cover

Zaba Grace - "Voices" (from the My Own Skin album). Emotion laden song with lyrics deep from the soul.



Shelly Knight CD cover

Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead - "Lyin' Lady" (from the Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead album). Hard rockin' just the way we like it. Sing along and shake your head. Turn the volume up, daddy!



Breaking Laces CD cover

Breaking Laces - "Astronomy is my Life, But I Love You" (from the Astronomy is my Life, But I Love You album). Rhythmically stylish indie rock with wistful lyrics.



Olga CD cover

Olga - "I Won't Ask" (from the Now is the Time album). Commercial country blues par excellence with a nice twist of sixties' London.

Author: Bluesbunny