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  Bluesbunny Top Ten Live Gigs 2009 (International)

Right, live gigs part two. This time it is the turn of the "not from around here" set. So here is the list of top bands that played Glasgow or ones that impressed us when we were - what's the phrase - "out on patrol".

1. Red Gap at the Red Lion, Lancaster on 10 October
Just a simple wow! Red Gap came from the Isle of Man and played in an alcove in a pub. They didn't even have a drummer. They were great.
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2. Juke Joint Pimps at the Halt 2, Glasgow on 30 January
White suits, red shirts, blues trash. All the way from Germany to Glasgow. Oh, and a burlesque dancer too. 100% sweat provoking fun.
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3. Katy Moffat at The Village, Leith on 3 November
Take that folk music and sprinkle magic dust on it. Katy Moffat did. Class
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4. Martin Simpson at the Victoria Hotel, Largs on 5 October
Raconteur and truly a master of the guitar, Martin Simpson made a hotel bar seem like your living room. That's the way to do it.
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5. Bob Cheevers at the Liquid Ship, Glasgow on 10 November
Another fine raconteur but this one cleaned his guitar with a pair of women's panties. Our kind of guy!
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6. Hijak Oscar at the Captain's Rest, Glasgow on 23 September
Prmal and offbeat alt-folk meets British blues band from York finds itself in a basement in Glasgow. They decide to blast their way back out. Helluva fight as nobody wanted them to leave.
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7. King Khan and the Shrines at Stereo, Glasgow on 2 October
Leopard print jacket and over the top showmanship won the crowd over. I feel like dancing. Yeah!
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8. The Foghorns at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow on 6 August
Alt-folk duo from Seattle neatly overlooked the poor attendance and spun a web of lo-fi charm. Weirdly satisfying.
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9. How's My Pop at the Park Hotel, Lancaster on 10 October
Quintessentially British pop band took pole position at an alldayer as part of the Lancaster Music Festival. Smoke me a cigar 'cos I need a passive hit.
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10. Fol Chen at Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow on 10 September
Quirky Californian band come to Glasgow and show that you can sugar coat musical complexity. A delightful confection.
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Author: Angry Bluesbunny
Date: December 19 2009