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  Time Out for the Power Hour?

Music is a serious business. Lots of money can get made from it, especially if you have little talent and are prepared to advertise that fact without shame (but with vocal auto tuning and a vast amount of editing).

power hour

So, an email arrived at Bluesbunny Towers that gave us a laugh. You may or may not recall that we reviewed an album called "The Power Hour Album" by Ali Spagnola some time back. The album was, of course, morally reprehensible in that it not only condoned but also promoted irresponsible drinking habits. For those of you who prefer coffee (aka the heroin of the middle classes), a "power hour" is a classic drinking game where the contenders have to consume a large quantity of alcoholic beverages in rapid succession. Ms Spagnola's album provided the soundtrack for such a game with no less than 60 songs on one CD with each little song lasting about a minute. No point wasting valuable drinking time…

Anyway, it seems that Ms Spagnola has found herself at the receiving end of some legal action as someone has copyrighted the phrase "power hour" (only in America…) so she is no seeking support from the good, hard drinking people of the world to defend her right to keep the name of her album.

The full story can be found here.

beer glass

It made me think about the benefits of heavy drinking. The greatest heterosexual of them all - Horatio Lee Jenkins - released a song called "Drunker Than Satan" that had him overcome ultimate evil by beating the man with the forked tale in a full on drinking contest. Come to think of it, there are albums that only be truly appreciated when under the influence such as Princess Tina's Tribute to R&B. Or, at the end of the day, you could just fall in the love with the barmaid like Uncle Leon did in "The Bartender".

I'm giving this way too much thought.

Author: Angry Bluesbunny