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  Bluesbunny Podcast #2

Dragged out once more to Pulse 98.4 for their Under The Radar show, Bluesbunny Actual - veteran of one too many DVD box sets - rumbled, mumbled and grumbled about independent music and musicians to the long suffering Raymond Weir. The coffee was instant. The repartie was not.

It will be on the air Thursday 3 November at 11pm and will be repeated on Sunday 6 November at 4pm before being consigned to podcast hell. Visit their website to hear it if you are outside East Renfrewshire.

This week's playlist

The Whatevers - Kickin's Ass and Blowing Bubblegum
Well Hung Heart - We Rule The World
Mummy Short Arms - Change
Mark Northfield - The Death of Copyright
King Dude - White Hands
Sofia Talvik - Glow
Sheila K Cameron - Mr Moon
Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete - Muse
The Moth and the Mirror - Closing Doors

Author: Bluesbunny Editor