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  Big Peter talks to the Media Whores

Presumably better late than never, Big Peter digs up a long-lost interview with The Media Whores. Coming soon to a venue near you!
PM: Where do you guys hail from?

Media Whores: Doogie and Craig are Falkirk, Jimbo is from Glasgow and I’m from East Kilbride.
PM: How would you describe your sound?

Media Whores: A miracle. We go to rehearsals not knowing what’s going to happen and by the time we’ve left a new song has been born!

-You can put this on record. The last five songs we’ve written were written in 35 minutes. Doogie comes in with the bass line, then we’ve all got a free role to whatever we want after that!

Joking around? Maybe, but their “Starfishing” album really impressed this Bluesbunny.

PM: What bands have meant the most to you guys in terms of shaping your sound?

Media Whores: Everything.
PM: Going back to the bass again, I was impressed by the sound of the bass on the album.

Media Whores: We’ve had people mention The Stranglers. There is no Stranglers influence at all.

-We came up with the word “doom” to describe the bass.

PM: I think that’s quite good!

Media Whores: it’s funny, though, because the songwriting process is still evolving, and each rehearsal stretches us a little more than the one before – there’s always fine tuning, no matter what comes out. The stuff that people haven’t heard is almost unrecognisable to what we’re playing just now. The next album is going to be a lot more varied.
-(Jimbo) You’ll be in a good position to judge that because you have the album! Anything you don’t recognise tonight will be off the next album.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do with the stuff I don’t recognise!” whispers one member. Good to hear from a band with a sense of humour about themselves, no?

PM: “Starfishing” drew some positive reviews from local press. Can you tell us why you chose those songs to be on the album?

Media Whores: We got together and put together some ideas for songs. Craig is the lyrics and melody guy. Everything to do with lyrics name names comes from Craig. That’s really where we started and where we’ve got to.
-(Jimbo) We haven’t actually thrown any song away. I think we’re progressing all the time.
The issue of politics was discussed at some length, with all in attendance generally agreed that a working-class mentality was shared. If you’re not convinced, buy a copy of “Starfishing” and tell me you can’t relate. Go on, I dare you.

Author: Peter McGee